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Welcome to 2020!

Hello parents of Louis Riel!

Your new School Council had their first executive meeting to kick off the new year, and we wanted to reach out and say that are all facing some big decisions this year and know that you probably have lots of questions.

As you know we will have a new principal this year, and if all goes well we whould meet them at our first meeting, Sept 16. Until then, our Vice Principle and school admin are working on the back-to-school plans, and we should hear from them shortly.

We are working to get our digital presence back up, as it went offline over the summer. Are plan is to streamline our digital presence for what will surely be a year full of online meetings and digital collaboration. We received lots of positive feedback about our online meetings last year and look forward to seeing all your lovely faces again.

To that end, our first Council meeting will be Sept 16, and it will be online. To sign-up for the meeting, please to go to this link to register. After you have registered, you will receive an email with instructions on how to connect.

Stay safe out there!

Marcy, Karla, Shannon and Jake.