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Welcome back from the Council Executive!

The Parent School Council warmly welcomes you all back to school for the 2019-2020 year!

We hope you have all had a wonderful summer, and managed to find some sun amongst all the rain.

We have updated our website with all the dates of the meetings, and would like to take this opportunity to announce some changes to the format.

Last year, we tried something new – we split the regular meetings into two different types: Executive and General. The idea was to reduce the amount of time taken in the regular meetings for day to day business. This would reduce the chance of the normal meetings going long, and we wanted to respect the time of the parents that attended.

Attendance was high to begin with, but dwindled throughout the year, and this led to some feedback that this felt like a reduction in the transparency of the council. So, we have made the decision to go back to a single combined meeting, in order to increase the transparency of the business of the council.

As always, minutes for every meeting are available through our website on the Agendas and Minutes page.

We have planned  fewer meetings throughout the year while still meeting our mandated minimum, in order to again respect the time of our volunteers. Also, we have alternated between Wednesdays and Thursdays to maximize the chances that there is a least one free day for parents to come and be a part of running the school. You can see the full schedule on our Calendar Page.

Lastly, in an attempt to remove barriers for attendance, we offered free babysitting last year. However, we found that it just wasn’t well used, and have this year decided to divert those funds elsewhere.

So, please consider coming out this year to the council meetings. The Principal and Vice-Principal are at every meeting, and they present to the council about important school issues, and also make time to discuss any other relevant topics that parents may have. The school will also from time to time arrange for Learning Leaders and Student Representatives to present, which is an absolutely fantastic way to learn about the wide variety of programs and support structures that our fabulous school has to offer.

Hope to see you at the next meeting!