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Technology Fundraiser – How to Spread the Word

Simply copy the following into your email client, replace green text with your child’s name, and spread the word!

Louis Riel Fundraiser for New Technology – [student first name here] Needs Your Help

Hey Friends & Family,

[Student first name here]’s school is trying to raise funds to replace their dated computers in their Career & Technology Foundations (CTF) lab. The Louis Riel Parent Council and the GATE Parent Association are running an initiative to support the school by partially funding what they can towards the upcoming purchase of new computers.  From the goodness of their hearts? Yes. But also given budget restrictions that all public schools are enduring in recent years, our Parent Councils need to help alleviate the financial impact on our overall school budget.

We know what you’re thinking. ‘This is public school. Isn’t that all covered already?’ The short version, NO. They won’t be able to do it alone. If you are able to donate towards this cause, I would certainly be grateful. They are trying to raise $15,000 in public donations. The newer computers have the horsepower required to support the software our kids use every day. The CBE offers a fixed ratio dollar amount to students for schools to upgrade their technology, however this ratio does not cover the full cost of the technology and computers required for the Science and GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) Programs.

Each school is responsible to allocate funds from their General Budget to make up the difference. Our School and Parent Councils are trying to shelter our current budgets because we know that we are going to need it in the coming year.

We have this opportunity, but we only have until JUNE 15th to make it happen!

How to Donate Online

  1. Click this link
  2. Follow the prompts to donate
  3. Celebrate!

How to Donate via Cheque

  1. Contact your Parent Council President for information/to make arrangements

How to Learn More


[Student first name here] and our family cannot thank you enough!