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Council Executive

Current Council Executive

Co-President / Co-Chair

Marcy Dees


  • Preside at all meetings of the School Council
  • Provide general supervision of all activities of the School Council
  • Be the official spokesperson of the School Council, and
  • Act as the Director at Large of the Fundraising Society

2-3 hours a week, plus 2-3 meetings per month.

Co-President / Co-Chair

Karla Platt

  • Aid the President in all tasks as needed
  • In the absence of the President/Chair, supervise the affairs, and preside at any meetings of the School Council
  • In the event of resignation, incapacity or leave of absence of the President/Chair, take over their responsibilities
  • May act as the President of the Fundraising Society

2-3 hours a week, plus 2-3 meetings per month.


Jake Hawkes

Jake joined the board in 2019 after serving on the Digital Committee. He has a daughter in Grade 7.


  • Create accurate minutes of all School Council meetings and proceeding
  • Manage all the correspondence and official records of the School Council
  • Maintain a dated record of all the Members of the School Council and their addresses
  • Maintain notices of the AGM and Monthly Meetings and proceedings in accordance with our Bylaws
  • May act as the Secretary of the Fundraising Society


1-2 hours a week, plus 1-2 meetings per month.


Shannon Chapmen



  • Responsible for bank deposits and cheque writing on behalf of the Parent Council.
  • Keep out Quickbooks account up to date. This is 1-5 cheques per month, and a handful of receipts.
  • Present a high-level financial summary of the accounts for the monthly School Council meeting. 
  • Prepare, or supervise preparation of the financial statements for the annual report
  • Chair the Financial Committee in April to prepare the annual budget. This will include consultation with the School Administration and the Council Executive. The budget is presented and voted on in the May council meeting.
  • May act as the Treasurer of the Fundraising Society.

1-2 hours a week, plus 1-2 meetings per month.

Past Council Executive Members


2019-20:Patty Bourgeois
 Shelly Simpson
Marilyn Oshry
2015-17: George Lochhead

Vice- Presidents

2019-20: Vacant
2018-19: Patty Bourgeois
2017-18: Shelly Simpson
2015-17: Claudia Moore


2018-20: Rikki Henley

2017-18: Shelly Simpson

2015-17: Dan Clark


2019-20: Jake Hawkes

2017-19: Amanda MacKay & Suzanne Burgman

2016-17: Patty Bourgeois

2015-16: Amanda MacKay

Directors at Large

2018-19: Traci Akierman

2017-18: Patty Bourgeois, George Lockhead, Claudia Moore

2016-17: Rosanna D’Agnillo, Marilyn Oshry

2015-16: Rosanna D’Agnillo, Marilyn Oshry, Shayna Forseth